01/11/2017: Two new papers from and about an international scientific network, SMIRES, in Research ideas and Outcomes and about biomonitoring perspectives of intermittent streams in Science of the Total Environment. Both are co-authored by Zoltán and `open access`.

16/08/2017: Zoltán and Arnold`s paper in Spixiana about Greek Island Aquatic beetles is out now! 

27/07/2017: New papers with the co-authorship of our colleagues in Freshwater Biology (Arnold and Péter M. and Péter S.) and Hydrobiologia (Péter S.). Congratulations to all of them!  

26/07/2017: Summer conferences: In July, Péter Mauchart, Bálint Pernecker and Zoltán Csabai participated the 10th SEFS (Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences) in Olomouc, Czech Republic, Bálint won the Best Student Poster prize (congratulation). The same week, Arnold Móra attended the 20th International Symposium on Chironimidae in Trento, Italy. Péter Mauchart and Zoltán Csabai are now preparing for the 17th ICA (International Colloquium on Amphipoda) Which will be held in September in Trapani, Italy, while Péter Sály will attend on the 1st ComEc (International Comference on Community Ecology) in Budapest, Hungary.

08/05/2017: Péter Mauchart et al. manuscript on Gammarus coexistence has been accepted in International Reviews of Hydrobiology. UPDATE (27/05): It is already out, check this link.

08/05/2017: Spring Conferences: In March, Zoltán Csabai has participated the Kick of Conference of COST Action project in Essen, Germany, he is also involved in the project as a substitute MC member. Still in March: Péter Sály and Ágnes Maroda have attended the Hungarian Ichtyological Conference in Debrecen. A talk has been presented by Ági. In April: Péter Mauchart (oral presentatuon) and Ágnes Maroda (poster presentation) visited the Fresh Blood for Fresh Water conference in České Budějovice (Czech Republic). This year, the conference gathered around 60 students and young researchers from 10 countries covering high diversity of research interests in freshwater sciences. At the end of March we organized the 13. MaViGe Conference, with 12 lectures and 4 posters in Pécs at the department.

02/03/2017: New paper has been published in Biological Conservation about the value of small ponds developed in bomb crates. Our colleague, Arnold has been involved to this project and is a co-author of the paper. Please click here and check it if you are interested in (open access until 18 April).

09/02/2017: Our new paper about aquatic heteropterans of Greek islands has been appeared in Zootaxa. Please click here and check it if you are interested in.

15/01/2017: An opportunity to learn Limnology in Pécs. Choose Limnology MSC managed by our department. For more information (only Hungarian), click this flyer:

18/11/2016: Our manuscript about fascinating aquatic and semi-aquatic Heteroptera species from the Greek Islands has been accepted with minor revision in Zootaxa!

14/10/2016: Our FB page has been started. Follow us on Facebook (in Hungarian)!

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